"FöRIBEAT" (FerryBeat), a series of radio broadcasts was made in early 2006 introducing the pioneers of, and invasion of rock and merseybeat in Finland. As a final to the broadcasts, a large happening was organized in "Kåren", Turku, with seven top scoring pop and rock groups of South Western Finland of the sixties.

Madmen was one of the groups. Only two of the former musicians of Madmen were unable to take part in the event. Madmen performed as a quintet. The absent bass player Juki Laurikko and singer Henry Jansen were surrogated skillfully by Jouko Linko.

There was a handfull of rehearsals. We noticed that things are matching pretty well, regardless the really long pause, 38 years! Things were supported by the fact, that three of the member were professionally dealing with music. Two of us were having a total break...

2010 After four years of playing, everything feels even better. At last we also have the pleasure of old friend and fellow musician Markku "Silli" Silander joining the band. His keyboards will be heard next time in the "MUSICAL TIME TRAVEL TO THE 60's".

2012 - six years of a new era of Madmen!
There is an old saying in Ostrobothnia "Good things remain and age well". Silli has taken up a position in the group in a tasty manner. The wishes and visions, sounds and interpretations are fitted together in a way that delights and impresses at every rehearsal. Come and listen for yourself at "Sixties alive!". Link below.

Event calendar:

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012.06.01. _____

+ 2012.06.01.

MADMEN - Sixties Alive! live cd

We have published an official live Sixties Alive!-cd. The cd contains 23 songs recorded at the concert.
This cd is not commericially abailable.
If you have received this cd, the iTunes album art is available here:

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011.09.33. _____

+ 2012.02.05.

MADMEN - Sixties alive!

On the stage, once more!

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____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2010.10.19. _____

+ 2011.01.29.


We have been invited to perform in the "Open Forum" event.

__________________________________________________________________ 2010.05.10. _____

+ 2010.10.17.



YLE Turku radio Wed 13.10.

There's been a lot of media attention, even the third largest newspaper "Turun Sanomat" observed us with a front page image of "TEEMA" supplement and a centerfold story 16.11.2010! __________________________________________________________________ 2009.08.01. _____

+ 2009.08.01.

Aura Golf

Ruissalo Challenge 40v.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2009.01.09. _____

+ 2009.03.14.

Åborock - Viking Amorella

Madmen & Hepstars, Amorella Fun Club

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2008.07.19. _____

+ 2008.07.19.
"muistojen Vehmassalmi"

Nostalgy event 2008

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2008.01.04. _____

+ 2008.01.04.
Restaurant "Samppalinna" - Viking Line staff feast

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2007.09.06. _____

+ 2007.09.14.
Föribeat Musical, aftertaste

+ 2007.10.27.
Private (Stark)

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2007.06.05. _____

Recorded "Forneldars budskap" by Jokke. CD out by the Night of Ancient Fires,
Summer brake, working on the future strategy :-)

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2007.05.05. _____

Past Brankku. Hoping for a report soon.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2007.02.26. _____

+ 2007.04.10.
Galaxy, (YLE kulmilla) CANCELLED
This was tuned to be a promotion for the Föribeat musical. The initial idea of us taking part in the musical was dropped, so we didn't fit as a promo group either.
+ 2007.04.28.
Brankku More info

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2007.10.15. _____

Started rehearsals in the beginning of September. Working on new songs once a week. Considering hardware investments.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2007.06.30.

Föribeat gig left a sweet taste. Good enough to make a decision of continuing.